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DanceSport Centres for Ballroom Dance

For parents of children not yet involved with Ballroom dancing or DanceSport it is good to highlight that for the last 60/70 years Teaching Associations together with their member dance studios have provided a dance learning experience together with an associated medal test programme which is undoubtedly the best in the world.

Parents and children can make contact with the Ballroom Dance Schools listed in our DanceSport Centres Directory , knowing there will be enjoyable and fun ballroom dance classes and lessons available. The benefits of co-ordination, fitness and social gathering for youngsters cannot be overstated.

The dance training towards Bronze, Silver and Gold medals has many benefits: technical co-ordination, sense of worth, working together, music/rhythm appreciation, community belonging, discipline of approach and creative outlet.  Once dance classes and training have commenced, dance development at a young age is not only enjoyable but fast; children experience a sense of achievement very quickly.

Eligibility for Regional Trialist Events

When Gold Medal standard has been achieved the boy/girl or couple is eligible subject to a recommendation to participate in Regional Trialist events.

WHAT NEXT? Visit the Dance for England Dance Centre Directory and phone, email, fax or write to your nearest DanceSport Centre and arrange a class. Happy Dancing!