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Team England - How it Works

The Dance For England project has been created not only to offer opportunity to young DanceSport Talent but in addition to provide a feeling of togetherness and team spirit for those involved.

A very young Timothy Howson winning a trophyThe result of this is Team England, providing Sponsored Area Events for young dancers who have been recommended by their Dance Centre Teacher.

Entry Level

Entry level is Gold Medal Standard and is open to individual boys and girls and couples. The invitation to take part in these events is via recommendation from their DanceSport Centre Teacher.  Parents and children can discuss with the Dance Centre teacher how they will benefit, and their suitability for training.

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UK and International Champions Timothy Howson and Joanne BoltonTeam England Programme Supports DanceSport Training with Sponsored Area Events

The Team England programme will support and enhance training given in DanceSport Centres.  This sponsored training includes:

  • Technique development and partnering skills;
  • Importance of fitness and healthy lifestyle;
  • Presentation of self;
  • Developing mental focus and attitude; and most importantly...
  • The fun and enjoyment of dance!


Funding of the Team England sessions will be undertaken by Dance For England, with support from the English Amateur Dancesport Association (EADA).