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Team England Funding

In recent years internationally there has been an explosion of interest and participation in DanceSport.

The unique aspects of competitive dancing including high technical skill linked with exciting fashion, exceptional fitness and artistic presentation brings a rising standard of performance and ever increasing numbers. For England to remain a leader at International level, the promotion of sound and early training for young dancers is essential.

In recognition of this need Dance for England has been created to provide opportunity and structure for the development of young DanceSport talent.

Sponsorship and Donation Funds will be used to give young people access to the highest standard of professional training in the country.

Our fundraising will also support The Wheelchair Dance Association (Registered Charity No. 292352).


Funding for administration and Dance for England Website is sponsored by Philip Wylie of ‘Holiday & Dance’ and support funding for development of Regional Events.

Types of Donation

All types of donation are welcome and gratefully acknowledged, from direct sponsorship and donations to fundraising events, raffle prizes and provision of venues for training and events.

Advertising Opportunities

Companies and individuals who support the Team England initiative will be listed on this website. In addition, advertising space can be made available. For rates, please contact us.