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Get Dancing! Dancesport Centres are Committed to Nurturing Young Talent

Ian Waite as a teenage dance champion Karen Hardy as a young dance champion Karen and Mark, winners of Strictly Come Dancing A very young Christopher HA very young Christopher Hawkins with his partner Dianaawkins with his partner Diana

Pictures: Ian as a young dancer, Karen Hardy aged about 11, Karen and Mark, winners of SCD, a young Christopher Hawkins dancing Latin

DanceSport is the National and International name for Ballroom Dancing. This descriptive term covers Competitive, Medallist or Social Dancing and includes all age groups. Whether as an absorbing pastime or an exciting sport, DanceSport is cool and enthusiastically followed throughout the world! Many talented and successful dancers in England today started as young dancers with the support and dedicated tuition of the professionals teaching in DanceSport Centres nationally.

Karen Hardy and Ian Waite, dance stars of the BBCs Strictly Come Dancing both started young. Ian started dancing when he was 10 and after completing all his medals at the age of 13, went on to the open competition circuit, where he achieved considerable success in the Youth arena becoming European Youth Latin American Champion. Karen Hardy, the brilliant winner of many UK and International Latin American Championships began her dance career at the age of 5. Most recently she became 2006 winner of Strictly Come Dancing!

Christopher Hawkins is a three times World Ballroom champion. His dance career began at the age of 9. Christopher and his partner Justyna share a passion for DanceSport. They have been responsible for introducing a number of teaching initiatives in UK to help young British dancers fulfil their potential.
For both children and parents, to Dance for England is an aim or objective but most of all it’s a journey. A voyage of discovery in the delights of music and dance; of co-ordination, fitness, teamwork and a wonderful social skill. Start the journey and you will be a winner.

The ballroom dances taught are: Modern - Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz, and Latin - Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive.

To find out more about DanceSport Centres in your area, see the DanceSport Centre Directory , email us or phone Dance for England on 01895 632143.